Project management

Our Project Office offers a full spectrum project management solution and specialize in the project management of multi-disciplined turnkey solutions.. Our project management team are able to plan, cost and construct any type of civil project (single and multi-disciplined) required from conception to close out. We have an in house drawing office with experienced draughts men that offers building plans and as build documentation.  

Access roads

 Bressan Civils offers the construction of new access road or the upgrade of existing access roads. We usually work according to client specification, but should the client not have the ability to provide such, we also provide the survey and design of either new or existing access roads.

Turnkey solutions (Site and tower builds)

Bressan Civils offers a turnkey solution for any cellular type site build. We construct the site from foundation, fence, tower rigging ( any type), RF installation, electrical installation and commissioning. We also construct rooftop sites, share sites as well as bill board sites. We can also incorporate access road to the turnkey solution.

RF Installation

Bressan Civils RF department consists of a highly skilled personnel that is up to date with the latest innovative technology in the Radio frequency industry. We specialize in a huge spectrum in all the different configurations ranging from Microcells, Transmission, RBS, Rooftops, Greenfields to the latest optic fiber development. We also offer a huge range of Structural Brackets that are up to date with the ever so changing masts designs. With a huge demand in the current telecommunications industry we thrive to keep up to speed with the latest developments and to be leaders in the run to keep everybody connected.  

Site and Tower Maintenance service

Currently Bressan Civils maintains in access of 1500 cellular communication sites for a leading cellular providing company. We have dedicated maintenance teams whose sole purpose is to conduct site and tower maintenance. Included in our scope of work it is our responsibility to provide an adequate maintenance schedule which is adapted to the client requirements, feedback received from maintenance teams, environmental conditions and the rural location of a site. We have sites ranging from monthly visits to sites that get visited only once a year. Our scope of work relating maintenance includes but is not limited to: Full Field maintenance. Minor Field Maintenance. Tower maintenance. Rooftop site maintenance. Share site maintenance. Electrical maintenance, testing and reporting. RF antennae audits, azimuth audits and tilt audits Verification and updating of SNT database. Generator maintenance, testing and reporting. Access road maintenance, clearing and reporting. Tower audits and reporting.

Emergency Site and Tower Maintenance service

Part of our maintenance responsibility to our client/s is to perform emergency maintenance services, from theft on site, to cars driving into sites, to lightning and hail damage. This highly demanding task enables us to prove that we are one of the leading service providers in the industry. With a 24/7 call center and guaranteed 30 min response to request time, we manage to maintain the integrity of the service providers network. We have three dedicated RF EMS teams, two dedicated electrical EMS teams and two dedicated civils EMS teams who carry out the following repairs on site, Feeder replacements. Antennae replacements. Tri-plexor/Di-plexor swops. Electrical repairs (AC/DC) Container repairs/replacements. Fence repairs/replacements (electric fence included). Apron/plinth repairs and replacements. Dialler/site monitoring repairs and installations. Manufacturing of custom security solutions (security gates, container cladding plates, electrostatic filter covers)


Optic Fibre infrastructure build

Bressan Civils offers the ability to install optic fiber infrastructure in metro and rural areas as well as on long haul routes between cities and towns. We do the trenching and installation of duct and fiber according to the client specification. Our reinstatement is of high quality and health and safety comes first. We also offer the design, approval and installation of optic fiber infrastructure attachments for bridges and engineering difficulties. Our Fiber Division works according to all government by laws as well as SANRAL, N3TC and Bakwena requirements and complies to the South African Road Traffic Act, South African Waterways act as well as all environmental requirements.

Ground Penetrating Radar Detection

We Locate and Map Underground Utilities- GPR/POWER LOCATING The industry standard ground penetrating radar solution for the designation of subsurface utilities. We can quickly identify and mark the location and depth of service utilities – gas, communications, sewer lines – and other metallic and non-metallic targets including underground storage tanks and PVC pipes. We provide the flexibility to address a wide range of utility applications. Utility detection – Underground locating and mapping On site utility locating and mark out surveys (Including POWER) Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) surveys Road inspection Geological investigation Archaeology and forensics Why the need? During excavation and drilling activities the presence of existing utilities and other embedded assets presents numerous hazards to both man and the environment. It is therefore a must to accurately identify and mark-out all utilities as part of the project planning process prior to the start of any work. The benefits from having quality utility information: Minimizing cost and disruption arising from damage to existing utilities Minimizing project delays Reducing the risk of contaminating the environment Minimizing future liabilities Minimizing over expenditure and overall project cost with accurate information at the pre-tender phase. Feedback from our clients suggests that a survey benefits everybody and pays for itself.


Micro Piling

The Mast is especially designed to access small and limited access areas. This ultimately saves cost on the effect of removing and replacing existing infrastructure which has high cost and time affects in turn. The mast is light weight and can be handled by 4 men and can access sites virtually anywhere. This mast can also be utilized in the built environment where limited head room is available to do Micro piles from 100mm to 165mm incased and to a depth of 30 meters. Designed to use down the hole hammers and light drifters, this micro pile mast has a quick and easy system to fix the mast to any scaffold or special tubular sledges.